From:   Dr. Phillip Karber <>
Sent time:   10/14/2014 02:03:45 AM
To:   General Phil Breedlove <>
Cc:   Gen. (ret.) Wesley K. Clark <>
Subject:   Evidence of Russian submunitions being employed in Ukraine


Per your request in our meeting last Friday for Open Source evidence of advanced Russian Artillery & MRLS submunitions being employed in Ukraine, see the following attached photos and media URLS. This is only a quick dump, I have seen more but it just takes time to find it.

While any Open Source material must be viewed critically, given that the timeline of introduction is simultaneous with the opening of cross-border fire from the Russian side and the sheer quantity of redundant reporting — the evidence is pretty compelling. 

One of the advantages of Open Source material is that it can be discussed openly with the press, Congress and Allies. 

If someone wants hard physical evidence of Russian supplied submunitions, in the absence of other sources, I could go back into the ATO and collect it myself. I have the contacts and know where to get it.

There is also abundant hard evidence of Russian supplied armor (Tanks, BMPs, BMDs, BTRs and MTLBs), artillery (including long range tube & heavy SP 240mm mortar), MRLS (BM-21 with new longer range submunition carrying rockets, BM-27, and BM-30), SS-21 and SS-26, mines, SAMs, SU-24 and SU-25 aircraft in Separatist markings (photos only), warehouses of RUS munitions, com gear, medical supplies, latest RUS helmets and body armor as well as extensive documentation (inventory delivery, RUS arsenal receipts, equipment logs, etc).


Have also been putting together for you a brief on what the UKE military needs in the categories of Non-Lethal, Lethal Light and Lethal Heavy military assistance as well as technology options to support the Ceasefire. Just side tracked with my meetings with UK National Security Council and Foreign Ministry. WHEN DO YOU NEED MY INPUT?

Later in the week, headed to Warsaw at their request to brief the Parliament and then back to Ukraine.

Please let me know if you found this useful, and will continue sending Open Source material. If its just junking up you email, don’t be shy about telling me “don’t need it."


ps — much of the material collected with the help of Australian Carlo Kopp.

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Earliest image seems to be July. Both Uragan and Smerch. C - submunition photos - below Smerch CMDs and submunitions

Unitary warhead UXO:;38.07706832885742&zoom=8

Unitary UXO