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To:   Phil Breedlove <>
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Phil, can't we get a statement to counteract the Russians on use of force?  what can I do to help? 

If the Ukrainians lose control of the narrative, the Russians will see it as an open door. 

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From: "Wes Clark  " 
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2014 18:26:19 
To: Victoria J Nuland
Subject: Saturday/Sunday

Toria, I note the Russians are trying to deny to Ukraine the right to takke back control in the east. Everyone is waiting for a statement from the US affirming the right of the govt of Ukraine to take and retain control of its own buildings. 

I'm assuming you see it this there anyone I can call to reinforce?

(I saw Bulgarian President yesterday, and he wants US leadership, described problem with German attitude (sphere of unfluence), and says he expects disruptions to start in Bulgaria if/when Ukraine goes under. I debriefed 
Marcie on the conversation)

Anything I can do?  

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From: "Nuland, Victoria J" 
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 03:08:12 
To:; Pyatt, Geoffrey R
Subject: Re: IMPORTANT

Tx Wes.

From: Wes Clark
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To: Nuland, Victoria J; Pyatt, Geoffrey R
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Toria, Geoff,

See below the note from Anatoliy Pinchuk, whom we met in Kiev last week.

He says the second phase of the Russian operation is underway.

From: "Dr. Phillip Karber" 
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 15:06:17 -0400
To: Gen. (Ret.) Wesley Clark
Subject: Fwd: IMPORTANT

You had this one pegged.

This is from our guy — we are now getting intel direct.

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From: "UPA \"Ukrainian strategy\"" >
Subject: Re: Thank You!
Date: April 8, 2014 at 2:47:26 PM EDT
To: "Dr. Phillip Karber" >

Dear Dr.  Karber!
This is operational information from a group that monitors the
conflict with Russia
Dmitry Tymchuk
8 хвилин тому
По угрозе вторжения на англ.
(перевод Andriy Berbets)

Breaking news from group "Information Resistance"

We, the group "Information Resistance", have received from our
reliable sources the satisfactory confirmation of the statement of
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry that the observed activity of the
separatists in eastern Ukraine which has been lasting for the last
three days is nothing but the beginning of the second phase of the
scenario for the Russian invasion in our country.

In particular, according to our information, the separatist leaders,
who follow the plan of GRU* of General Headquarters of Russian Armed
Forces, have been given the instructions to organize a "corridor"
through the state border of Ukraine for passage of the convoys of
military equipment from the Russian territory at the night of April
8th to 9th.

Separatists also have received the orders to organize provocations
with the casualties in the cities of the region which could be
interpreted by the Russian side as "terror against the people
organized by Ukrainian authorities".

In addition, the coordinators of Russian GRU, who work in the region,
have instructed the separatists to use gunfire weapon in case the
attempts to liberate the occupied administrative buildings are taken.

According to our information, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and
special services are now taking the necessary measures to block the
groups of the separatists.

State Border Service and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are carrying out
the activities on blocking and defense of the state border in the
respective areas.

*GRU – Directorate General of Intelligence of General Headquarters of
Russian Armed Forces

with best regard
                     Anatolii Pinchuk

2014-04-07 13:18 GMT+07:00, Dr. Phillip Karber >:

Thank you for your note and valuable observations.

But most importantly, I would like to express the deep appreciation of
General Clark and myself for the outstanding support you provided during our
trip and the many valuable interviews you arranged for us.

We know how hard you worked in a situation of stress and unpredictability
and will be forever grateful.

If you find additional information or have insights you would be willing to
share with us please forward them to me and I will share them with the

Look foreword to working with ou again on our next visit.


Dr. Phillip A. Karber  卡霸
President, The Potomac Foundation
Suite 300,
8618 Westwood Center Drive
Tysons Corner, Virginia   22182   USA
TEL 703-506-1790
CEL 703-309-3040
FAX 703-506-8065

On Apr 6, 2014, at 11:32 PM, UPA Ukrainian strategy 

Dear Dr.  Karber!
I suppose You early tomorrow morning can fly.
And we have not see You before Your departure.
So firstly I want to thank you for Your willingness to help our country.
Secondly apologize for any shortcomings in the organization of Your
Third express the hope that Your visit with Mr. Clark will benefit
US-Ukrainian cooperation.
Today the political situation in the east of Ukraine escalated.
Separatists and Putin agents seized several buildings in Donetsk,
Luhansk and Kharkiv.
There are reports that this is happening with the knowledge and
support Akhmetov.
Ukrainian senior management once again shows indecision.
I beg You to organize messages Ukrainian leaders from relevant U.S.
officials, about that  we talked with You and Olexandr.
Also, please convey information about the need to hard pressure on Mr
Akhmetov, until the arrest of all assets. The only way to get him to
stop supporting the separatists.
Also, I remind You that at the end of Your visit, we provide beschali
Mrs. Julia, an action plan that she should implement, as the leader of
a political party, which is now actually in power. And that as she
will do it or give us confirmation or refutation of her sincerity.
I hope to continue our constructive cooperation.
I wish you a successful and enjoyable flight.

 with best regard
                    Anatolii Pinchuk