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Thanx Phill, sorry for the delyay,… been ON THE ROAD bigtime.

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I promised to keep you informed as we picked up interesting items of Russian involvement in Ukraine. Attached are three items:
— SU-24 repainted in Novorossia colors presumably with separatist pilot training or disguised Russian pilots in the cockpit;
— SU-25 repainted in Novorossia colors;
— T-90 tanks of the 134th Motor-rifle Brigade inside Ukraine near Luhansk. Notable, because the UKE do not have T-90s.

The photos were relayed from Carlo Kopp, one of Australia’s best analysts of Russian and PRC weapons developments, and he is convinced the photos are real (not photo shopped). Everything we do is Open Source — so treat this material (from social media) as a working hypothesis. 

But, as I told you when we met, I witnessed T-90s east of Mariupol when I was there in Sept.; and when visiting the Mig-29 refit plant in Lviv a couple of weeks ago, they said the Russians told the UKE that they were not returning all of the M-29s from Crimea because a half-dozen or so were being transferred to the Separatist Air Force. So … the photos have a ring of veracity in terms of other input.


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—— Russia started to prepare the transfer of aviation terrorists in the East of Ukraine # RussiaInvadedUkraine  # StopRussianAggression

<Mail Attachment.png> PHOTO: Air Force of Russia has already repainted at the Air Force Novorossia, One Sukhoi already ready to fly  # Ukrop "

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#Russia|n tanks T-90 - 136th Motorized Rifle Brigade in #Luhansk Reg #Ukraine|InformNapalm|  #Army

RUSSIAN T-90 TANK (Ukraine has never had this model) at Luhansk